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Pokemon Rescue Team
Fan Fiction

Chapter 6: Platinum Ranks, A Vision, And A Sworn Duty

Buizel – Normally we wouldn’t let anyone into our base unless they were scheduled to meet us or if it was an emergency. And it seems like we are in the middle of a battle so it’s definitely an emergency.

Riolu – Thanks…

Buizel went over to Riolu and sat down next to him. Buizel reached his paw out tp put it on Riolu’s shoulder to make him feel safer, but Riolu moved his shoulder before he could.

Riolu – When will we get there?

Croagunk – In about 10 minutes. Once we get there we will take you down into the sub-basement.

Shinx – The sub-basement is where we go incase of emergencies that are too difficult for us to handle.

Riolu – How safe is it?

Shinx – Safe enough to protect everyone in the village from a meteor storm.

Luxray – Everyone goes to the sub-basement when something terribly wrong happens.

Chancey – It’s the safest place in the village.

Pikachu and his team walked over to Chancey and Luxray.

Pikachu – We will be outside if you need us. We will keep an eye out for any enemies.

Luxray – Understood.

Pikachu and his team left the wagon and continuing their mission.

Meanwhile back in the village Manectric and about a dozen other Pokemon from the village were still fighting the Rhydons.

Manectric – I will not let them take Riolu!
        Radio Activate.

                    CODE RED SITUATION!
                    Calling all Rescue Teams in surrounding area!
                    Massive Rhydon Invasion in our village!
Rescue Operator – 4 teams have answered. They will be at your location in about 1 minute.
Manectric – Ok. Over and out.
                    Radio Deactivate.

Manectric turned to the other village Pokemon to notice that there are only 10 village Pokemon left fighting. Manectric was confident that they might win because the village Pokemon that were still fighting had a type-advantage against the Rhydon’s.

Manectric – 5-5 Waterfall-Surf!

Seadra – Waterfall!
Golduck – Waterfall!
Dewgong – Waterfall!
Lumineon – Waterfall!
Bibarel – Waterfall!

Poliwhirl – Surf!
Tentacruel – Surf!
Slowbro – Surf!
Lapras – Surf!
Seaking – Surf!

A good chunk of the Rhydons was defeated, but not enough to keep them away from them longer.

Manectric – When are those Rescue Teams going to get here?

After Manectric used Thunder on the ground to lift up some rocks to use as a barrier, one of the Rescue Teams arrived. They weren’t Team Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn or Frenzy Plant. They were teams that were even stronger.

Sceptile – Team Ninja! Battle Stations!

Gallade – Team Knockout! Prepare Yourselves!

Aggron – Team Dino! Get Ready!

Dragonite – Team Draco! Get Into Position!

Manectric was amazed that 4 teams of the Platinum Rank came to their aid.

Sceptile – Everyone is in their stations.

Gallade – Everyone is prepared for battle.

Aggron – Everyone is ready.

Dragonite – Everyone is in position.

Manectric – Thanks for coming. Here is the situation. The Rhydons came because their elders foresaw the coming of a Pokemon chosen by Fate. They are destroying the town one building at a time trying to find the Pokemon.

Sceptile – A Pokemon chosen by Fate? They do know it’s just a legend, do they?

Manectric – No it’s not. We discovered the Pokemon earlier today. The Pokemon that was chosen by Fate.

Gallade – Can the legends be really true? A Pokemon chosen by Fate?

Manectric – We are as serious as we will ever be. The Pokemon is currently being carried in a wagon to the Team Ichodu Base. We have also discovered that the Pokemon didn’t come from this world.

Aggron – Then how did it get here?

Manectric – We are not sure yet. All I know is that he appeared on the beach just before Team Ichodu found him.

Dragonite – Where is this Pokemon?

Manectric – He is about 8 minutes away from the base.

Sceptile – Weavile! You are in temporary command! I have another mission to tend to.

Weavile – Yes Sir!

Gallade – Same for you Toxicroak! Keep an eye on the team.

Toxicroak – Yes Sir!

Aggron – You too Tyranitar! I’ll be back ASAP.

Tyranitar – Yes Sir!

Dragonite – Salamence! Take command! I will come back.

Salamence – Yes Sir!

Sceptile, Gallade, Aggron and Dragonite left to go to the wagon while the other team members stayed to fight off the Rhydons.

Meanwhile back at the wagon Riolu is still trying to accept the fact that he is in the Pokemon World and that he can’t go back home, at least, not that we know of.

Riolu - …I want to go home…back to Hesperia…with my friends…

Chancey – It’s ok Riolu, we’ll find a way to get you home.

Buizel stood up next to Riolu. He was confident about something.

Buizel – I’m sure we can get you back home. We just need to…

At that moment, the wagon was shaken violently. Everyone fell over each other. Croagunk fell on Shinx, Luxray fell on Chancey, and Buizel fell on Riolu. After Buizel fell on Riolu, both of them had another vision, just like the vision at the beach.

Blaziken – The Riolu will stay with my team.

Sceptile – No, he will stay with us!

Dragonite – He is coming with us!

Meganium – He will come with us and there will be no acceptions.

Gallade – The Riolu is Fighting Type. He is fit for our team and he will stay with our team!

Aggron – I am the strongest, so I will keep the Riolu.

Blastoise – I am taking the Riolu whether you like it or not.

Buizel and Riolu recovered from the fall and from the vision. Riolu and Buizel were worried.

Riolu – I trust you now than I ever had. Please don’t make me go with them!

Chancey – What are you talking about?

Buizel – We both had a vision. The stronger Rescue Teams were fighting over who keeps Riolu.

Luxray – But why would they come to that kind of conclusion?

Buizel – Who knows? I guess we will have to find out why when it happens.

Riolu sat down by the wall again. He was afraid of what he saw in the vision. He didn’t want it to come true.

Another shake made the wagon shake crazily. Pikachu came in like he saw a ghost.

Pikachu – Rhyperior!

Luxray – What?!?

Pikachu – A Rhyperior! It’s trying to tip the wagon over!

Rhyperior – Give me the Pokemon!

Croagunk – We’ve got to do something!

Shinx – But what can we do?

Luxray – I think I have an idea. I will distract them while you get him to the Base.

Chancey – It’s a suicide mission! Don’t do it!

Luxray – I have to. It was a job of mine to help anyone in need. Now that we have a situation on our paws I have to continue my job, and to finish it.

Buizel – Are you crazy?!?

Luxray – No. I will do anything to protect. I will do anything to prevent harm. I will do anything to help anyone when needed. Riolu needs our help more than ever right now, so I will help using the best of my abilities.

Pikachu – If you’re going to distract him, at least take my team and I with you.

Riolu – What are you talking about?!? Why would you do that?!?

Pikachu – It’s also our mission and our sworn duty to protect and to help.

Luxray – Then it’s settled. Team thunder and I will distract the Rhyperior while you get to the base.

To Be Continued…
This took me a long time to make, mostly because I either forgot to do it or it was because I had no ideas. I will try to make up for it and post them more often. I think this is one of my best so far because of all the emotion I put in it, especially at the end.

Some of the teams that were announced in this chapter were made up by my friend and I. Team Ninja, Team Knockout, Team Dino and Team Draco were made up by my friend and I. I had them under Platinum Rank because those Pokemon are usually stronger than any normal Pokemon, especially the leaders Sceptile, Gallade, Aggron and Dragonite.

Honestly, I can't wait to write my next chapter. Also, i'm still looking for some ideas on future chapters if anyone wants to help.

In a previous chapter I announced that sometime after Riolu evolves into Lucario he would meet a nice Gardevoir. I have been looking at some of the pics lately and I don't know if I should still have it Gardevoir or if I should have the Pokemon be a Mew.

I might change it to Mew, but i'm not sure yet.
Mostly the reason why i'm thinking of changing Gardevoir into Mew is because of 2 pictures which are basically the same one, but one is pink and the other one is normal.

Here is the pink link

Here is the normal link

I might put up a poll, but then everyone would have to read my FanFic's to know what's going on.

P.S. I like the pink link better.
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