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February 29, 2008
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Pokemon Metamorphosism

Chapter 2

Arceus’s curse was set upon the Earth, and no one knew about it or even thought about it. To the Humans, Pokemon are merely creations from the imagination of a person who loved to catch bugs when he was a child and put them in capsules. They existed on Earth as toys, cartoons, cards, games and so much more. They even existed as imaginary friends and in people’s imaginations when they listen to songs. Arceus had bigger plans.

“This world… they treat us Pokemon as mere children’s pets. But some of the ‘people’ here treat Pokemon with respect, almost as if they were blood-related. Those ‘people’ truly deserve this curse. The cursed gift of living as Pokemon.” Arceus glowed brightly. So brightly that any human on Earth could see it. Even if the Sun was shining you could still see the shine. Arceus’s glow let loose the curse. Soon enough some people will have a rude awakening.

The next day at the Hesperia Middle School, a student named Michael, AKA Kudaichi, was in class taking notes while the teacher had an educational show on the TV. “Alright guys, this part is shows you what the scientists think the Big Bang was like. Even though it’s a theory…” Mrs. Miller, the science teacher, was interrupted as a Breaking News story from the President showed up on the TV.

“My fellow Americans… we have received word from Japan and China that only some local residents living in East Asia turned into creatures. After much investigating e have discovered that the few people have turned into Pokemon.” That part caught Kudaichi’s attention almost immediately. “We have the list of the Pokemon that resulted in this odd transformation: Gyrados, Medicham, Luxray and Pinsir. These cases…” Kudaichi gazed at the TV as everyone gazed as well.

Many students whispered to each other saying stuff like “That can’t be true… Pokemon aren’t real… this must be fake… Pokemon are stupid…” and such. But some of the students, a very small amount of students, whispered to each other saying “Could that happen to us… I wish I could turn into a Pokemon… I want to be a Delcatty…” and other stuff. He thought to himself very hard about what was happening. “How could this happen? Pokemon aren’t even real. This is definitely a problem.” Kudaichi told himself.

The President continued his report after getting more info from one of his guards. “Fellow Americans, it seems that not only some of the East Asian residents turning into these Pokemon as well… I have just got word from countries all over the world that only a few people from each country are turning into Pokemon. We haven’t heard of anything about the Americans yet, but we hope that if it does happen we will be prepared.” Kudaichi heard this and got extremely caught up in the situation at hand. “Most of the residents who have turned into Pokemon were younger than the age of 18.”

The other students whispered to each other again. “That could happen to us… that would suck… I hope it happens to me… I’m scared…” Kudaichi mumbled to himself and stared at the TV in amazement. “But Pokemon… never mind. I won’t ask questions. This is fate.” The President talked again. “After installing our new GRS, Global Radar System, we are now able to track the Human-Pokemon transformation. Here is the radar. We will keep this radar up on all the channels so everyone can see when the people transform and where they are. Blinking dots on the radar tell that a person is very soon going to transform into a Pokemon. Please keep an eye on this radar. If a Pokemon shows up near you your radar will give you the general area of where it is.”

The assistant in the principle’s office made an announcement over the intercom. “All students will remain inside the gym, cafeteria or classrooms and should be escorted to each class by a teacher or TA.” Everyone groaned. The teachers even groaned too. As the bell rang for the end of class the students got in line in the hallways and waited for the teachers to escort them. It was dull, and no one liked it.

As the students were escorted down the halls they noticed that on every wall there were 4 TV’s. Each of the with a full screen GRS on them. Kudaichi’s cousin Kurt came to talk to him about the President’s speech. “Did you hear the President? I can’t believe people, actual people, are turning into Pokemon! That’s so cool!” Kudaichi replied with a little bit of excitement in his words. “I know, right! If I was transformed, that would be so awesome!”
“If I could transform I would be a Jolteon! He’s my favorite!”

During our lunch period a small group of students, including Kudaichi and Kurt, gathered in the cooking room next door to Mrs. Millers room. Mrs. Miller heard of what we planned on doing and decided to help.

“So you are trying to find a hiding spot for the Pokemon?” Mrs. Miller asked after they told her what they were planning. Kudaichi replied. “Yes. We want to make sure that the Pokemon are safe after they transform. Luckily I know a friend of mine who is really good at hacking. He hacked into the Police Database and found a message by the State Police saying that any Pokemon discovered must be locked up until they arrive to transport it to an extermination area.” Mrs. Miller was confused. She asked “And what does that mean? I know the execution is as bad as executing an innocent person, but what does it mean?”

“It means, Mrs. Miller, that they think all Pokemon are dangerous. They all have abilities that make them unique. Most of their moves are dangerous. No Pokemon is safe. If there was…” Kudaichi was interrupted by the GRS on the TV. It detected a Pokemon transformation soon to happen. Kurt was excited. “A Pokemon! And it says… in our school? But where would…” Kudaichi, who was screaming in pain, interrupted Kurt. “Ah! I’m… Ow! It hurts! Please…” Kudaichi was the person on the GRS. Kudaichi was transforming.

Everyone stared at Kudaichi as he stood on his knees in pain. The top of his hands, they had a huge spike growing out of them. And on his chest too. He started to glow so bright that you couldn’t see. He yelled out in pain. Eventually he stopped glowing, and was knocked unconscious. When the light stopped glowing, he was no more a human… he was a Lucario.
This is Ch. 2. This one took me a while to make, actually. Luckily stuff keeps on popping up into my head or I wouldn't be able to complete it until morning. And by the way, it's 1:36 AM where I live right now.

Some background info:
Michael, AKA Kudaichi = Lucario20767, AKA Michael = Me.
Kurt = My cousin.
Group of friends at Mrs. Millers, next door room = my friends.
President = George W. Bush

The GRS, Global Radar System, totally based off of the special seismographs from the Tremors movies.

I'm sooooo hyper at the moment. I'm suprised that I haven't crashed yet. Well now you know what happens when you drink an entire can of AMP in less than 2 mins.

Kudaichi is one of the main characters in the story. Just like my other FanFic, I have everything planned out. I know what happens next and what happens in the future. But i'm still trying to think out the end. So until the end of this FanFic, Ch. ???, stay tuned!
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Luxrayfan123 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honestly I hate legendaries such as acres but I love your creativity! I was looking at it because I will write a story myself (dont worry I won't steal)
KyleTheKitsune Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
Nice story, i would want to be a glaceon.^_^
Aegis27 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009
Two things
1) If that was George W. Bush, or as I call him, Captain Screwball, he would have screwed up the speech in a extremely fail way.
2) If that does happen, I want to be a Breloom. I just think they're epic
494alex Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
I bet a tenner that the president becomes a Stunky or a weak pokemon or something humiliating like that.... Magikarp would be funny
Mr President! What do we do?!
President: :flop: :flop: :flop:
Lucario20767 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009   Photographer
lol Thank you for your appreciation of the story, but I quit working on the story a very long time ago. And to add to that, I don't get on this account very much at all anymore.
494alex Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
oh well then its a good story :P
tompokenutter Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I hope it happens to me...
Very cool storyline! It seems that wee have something in common in our fanfics... Whoops! Did I just launch a major spoiler?

My evil side: Oh, yes he did!

latioslegends Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008
Why does everyone love Lucario? oh wait I do to :D.

Anyway its time for my evil reviews! XD

hm the grammer was ok, but you had some mistakes. For instanc the last paragraph you should have a comma, not a period; The top of his hands, they had a huge spike growing out of them, and on his chest too. Now discription, unfortunely the one everyone hates should of been a bit better, like what do your characters look like. Trust discription is a hard one to get down, including me in the past, but remember discription, grammer, and plot matter the most ^_^. Now for the plot; hm interesting, pretty interesting, I don't see why they would be executing if found for transfomation, but yeah it does seem like Bush to do something like that (and he got elected twice WTH!?!?!). Overall I like the plot! ^^

Sry for the late review, I didn't realize the chap was up, I'll add you to my watch list.^^
Lucario20767 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008   Photographer
Everyone has to love Lucario! He's like one of the most popular Pokemon in existence!

And thanks for the tips. Sometimes I type so fast that I forget to put a letter in or add an extra one. And just because I suck at Language Arts doesn't mean you have to criticize me! Jk. Not really. But I do suck at it.

And i'm not completely sure why they would execute them either. It just popped up in my head and I thought it was a good idea. But I already saved it and posted it so there's no turning back now.

For the plot I just used a mix of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Real Life-Based events and stuff that might happen.

Transformation, or Metamorphosism, for me was based on:
a. Ascending, or turning into pure energy and living in a higher plain of existence, from Stargate SG-1. Sci-Fi.
b. Everyone's dream of turning into something they're not, or something they love. Fantasy.
c. Buddhism belief of being reincarnated or being born again into a human or animal, or maybe even a plant. Real Life-Based.

I always have some idea for my story based on things that I see, hear, or do. On my last FanFic I put Christmas in it because it was close to Christmas. I also put DDR in it because I got that with my birthday money. That chapter was funny...

And thanks for addin' me. I should check with you next time if I made any mistakes. I just love it when people tell me that I made a mistake. Then I can tell them why!
latioslegends Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008
Well I suck at language arts myself D:, but I am more of a writer than the things they have you do 0_o. Oh you have quite a range of sources of ideas, for fic; religon, weird sci fi shows, fantasy, that's quite a great area to get ideas.^_^
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